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Something Out Of The Blue (2016) - CD

Wyatt Rice & Dan Menzone Alliance: Wyatt Rice (guitar) Dan Menzone (banjo) Adam Steffey (mandolin) Rob Ickes (dobro) Ron Rice (bass) Fred Carpenter (fiddle) Don Rigsby (vocals) Richard Bennett (vocals) Russell Moore (vocals) Dale Ann Bradley (vocals) Dan Boner (vocals)

1. Lonesome Highway, 2. Wake Up Call, 3. I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome, 4. Grey Rain, 5. Big Black Wheels, 6. Cutting The Chords, 7. Another Town, 8. Five Play, 9. Faith, Hope, And Love, 10. Beating Around The Bush, 11. I'll Sail My Ship Alone, 12. Turnagain 


A phenomenal arrangement of both traditional and progressive bluegrass music.

Dan Menzone (banjo) Wyatt Rice (guitar) Rickie Simpkins (fiddle) Adam Steffey (mandolin) Ron Rice (bass) Don Rigsby (vocals) Richard Bennett (vocals)

1. Gone Beserk 2. Pallet On Your Floor 3. Randy Lynn Rag 4. No Place Like Home 5. Black Jack 6. Pioneers 7. Frostbite 8. Tailgating 9. Blue Night 10. Dark and Damp 11. Missing You 12. Wheel Hoss 13. Blue Night - bonus track

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Menzone Drive (2006) - CD

Featuring: Dan Menzone, Wyatt Rice, Rickie Simpkins, Ronnie Simpkins, & Roger Williams

1. Menzone Drive 2. Restless 3. Clara's Reel 4. 2720 5. Deck Speed 6. Dear Old Dixie 7. Joe & Evelyn 8. Rooster's Rag 9. Nerissa 10. Stone Bench

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Lonesome Without You (1999) - CD

Traver Hollow: Dan Menzone (banjo) Peg Harvey (fiddle) Paul Harvey (guitar) Dave Aston (bass) Phil Zimmerman (mandolin)

1. Lonesome Without You 2. Travelin Down This Lonesome Road 3. Liberty Hill 4. The Country Blues 5. I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name 6. Sundown & Sorrow 7. True Life Blues 8. He Took Your Place 9. You Don't Call Me Darling Anymore 10. The Wind in the Willows 11. It's Sad to be Alone 12. Cold Cold Rain 13. Nobody Cares 14. Thy Burdens are Greater Than Mine 15. Groundspeed

By Request (1993) - CD

Traver Hollow: Dan Menzone (banjo) Peg Harvey (fiddle) Paul Harvey (guitar) Jon Swift (bass) Peter Craig (mandolin)  

1. The Drunken Billygoat 2. I Once Believed in Love 3. I'll Take the Blame 4. I was Dreaming of a Little Cabin 5. Love You Til the Day I Die 6. Rose of My Heart 7. These Old Blues 8. Who's That Knockin 9. Theme from Shiloh 10. Winterhawk 11. The Girl at the Crossroads Bar 12. I'm Lonesome, Sad & So Blue 13. That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine 14. Where is the Love 15. When I was Young 16. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down 17. I'll Never Go Back 18. Remington Ride